2015-Jul-29 21:00 - Forbidden Encounters 3 - Nick Capra and Brendan Patrick

Muscular Nick and Brendan share a deep anal experience .


2015-Jul-27 21:00 - Fathers and Sons 2 - Ian Levine and JD Phoenix

Ian Levine and JD Phoenix fooling around in the bedroom.


2015-Jul-22 21:00 - Forbidden Encounters 3 - Connor Maguire and Dirk Caber

Horny Conner fucks his dad's friend Dirk in his tight ass.


2015-Jul-20 21:00 - Fathers and Sons 2 - Nick Capra and JD Phoenix

After running off during the snowball fight, Nick Capra and JD Phoenix find themselves alone in the woods. It quickly becomes apparent that an opportunity to explore the tension between them is upon them. JD presses Nick up against a tree and leans in for a kiss. Back at the house Nick sucks on JD's stiff rod, paying special attention to his balls. JD returns the favor before Nick picks him up and fucks him hard and fast. Flipping him onto his back, JD looks longingly into Nick's eyes as he's playing submissive to the older man's steady pumping cock. Nick pulls out of his friend's son, his hairy body sweating as streams of cum flow out onto the younger bottom.


2015-Jul-15 21:00 - Forbidden Encounters 3 - Jessie Colter and Billy Santoro

Billy misses his fuck buddy Jessie and comes over to visit.


2015-Jul-13 21:00 - Fathers and Sons 2 - Ian Levine and Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber & Ian Levine fucking passionately in the bedroom.


2015-Jul-8 21:00 - Forbidden Encounters 3 - Brendan Patrick and JD Phoenix

JD is pleasantly surprised when out of the blue, his old babysitter Brendan Patrick drops in to visit. It's been years since they'd seen each other, but Brendan was in town for his cousin's wedding. Although Brendan moved back to Europe when he was young, JD has always looked back fondly on the memories he's kept of him. After hours of reminiscing, the conversation eventually turns to girls and relationships, and how neither of them have have found love. Happy to have seen his old friend, JD giddily gives him a hug, and without much thought pecks Brendan on the mouth, much to the surprise of his old babysitter. After confirming that it's OK, the boys stare at each other knowingly, gauging reactions, slowly going in for a kiss. They quickly move upstairs to make out and explore each other's bodies, the men they'd become. JD's the first to initiate, and takes Brendan's hard cock into his mouth, stopping for but a few moments to make out. Brendan tongues JD's ass, stopping for a moment to kiss, before JD begins to rim Brendan's ass in return, causing Brendan to sit on his face for more. After flipping around again and again, Brendan and JD fuck doggy-style, and JD rides Brendan's cock 'til he nearly comes while inside him. Making sure he'd get his, JD then flips Brendan around, to start fucking him, eventually spraying his load onto Brendan's stomach, soon followed by Brendan's own thick white cum.


2015-Jul-6 21:00 - Schoolboy Fantasies 2 - JD Phoenix and Jesse Santana

College Snob and the Blue Collar Worker


2015-Jul-1 21:00 - Gay Massage House 3 - Andrew Fitch and Colton Grey

Andrew Fitch has grown a lot since he was once himself a client at Icon Male's Gay Massage House. Today he's returning the favor of self discovery and is helping Colton Grey come to terms with his sexuality, providing the gratification he desires.


2015-Jun-29 21:00 - Schoolboy Fantasies 2 - Brandon Wilde and Theo Ford

Brandon Wilde is angry when he finds that his mother's boyfriend is just sitting at home doing nothing while he's at school and she's away on business. Theo doesn't have a job, and Brandon accuses him of taking advantage of older women so he doesn't have to work, and that he's just using his mother for her money.

Theo doesn't deny it, and agrees that his mother and him have a mutually beneficial understanding. Theo is sure that it's just jealousy because Brandon's feeling left out. Theo strokes Brandon's hair, and while he's initially shocked and disgusted, he doesn't protest. So Theo takes it a little further and pushes him down onto the bed, and begins to make out with him while the boy is still dressed in his school uniform.Slowly they strip down, and Theo presses his chest body against the boy as he's lying down, feeling nothing but the boy's white briefs between them and their raging hard-ons.

Brandon gets on top and slips Theo's massive member into his mouth, getting it nice an wet for a moment before turning over on the bed with his ass in the air. Theo grabs his ass and slowly slips his throbbing erection into his ass. Theo flips him over and stars fucking him good, while their tongues intertwine. Brandon replies in kind by pushing back on Theo's rod, rhythmically, frantically getting closer and closer as his mother's boyfriend is pounding his hole. Eventually Brandon is sent right over the edge, as he gyrates his hips onto Theo's rock hard cock.

Now that he's satisfied the boy, Theo turns him onto his belly and fucks him hard, having his way with him. Brandon pulls the older man into him, encouraging Theo, clearly enjoying every second of the pounding! After fucking with increasing intensity, his body slapping against the boy's he blows his hot load all over Brandon's smooth ass.


2015-Jun-24 21:00 - Gay Massage House 3 - Alex Greene and Theo Ford

In today's Icon Male update we revisit the Gay Massage House. Theo Ford helps repressed Alex Greene come to terms with his latent homosexuality. When Alex comes to see him with cold feet before his wedding, Theo helps him unwind and learn things he never knew about himself.


2015-Jun-22 21:00 - Schoolboy Fantasies 2 - Dirk Caber and JD Phoenix

Midnight Visit from the Dean


2015-Jun-17 21:00 - Gay Massage House 3 - Jessie Colter and; Andrew Fitch

Massage therapist Jessie Colter's patient today is Jeremy a married father of three who's life as a stockbroker is leaving him frustrated & anxious. A referral from his therapist to the Gay Massage House only means one thing: he's a closeted man who needs to realize his true desires if he wants to heal, and Jessie is there to help him do that.


2015-Jun-15 21:00 - Schoolboy Fantasies 2 - Ian Levine and Connor Maguire

When Conner Maguire comes home to see his dorm mate Ian Levine sulking in the bedroom looking depressed, he asks what's going on. His buddy wasn't in class today, but Ian is reticent about telling Conner why he didn't make it. Eventually though, Ian opens up about a bully who's been calling him gay. Conner insists that he is giving the bully too much power by letting it get to him, and even if he was gay it wouldn't matter to him. 

Ian is still visibly upset, so Conner keeps comforting his friend, rubbing up and down on his shoulders trying to help him relax. After rubbing for a few minutes, Ian admits that it is starting to help. They look into each others eyes, staring for a few minutes, when Connor leans in for a kiss. They make out slowly and deliberately, as if to show that it's ok and nothing will happen.

Conner opens up Ian's shirt and rubs his smooth chest, rubbing his side. He reaches down to Ian's pants, feeling the tent in his trousers grow larger and firmer.Connor lays Ian down on his back and opens up the front of his pants. Without delay he takes Ian's big cut dick into his mouth and works up and down, licking his balls. Connor pulls Ian's pants completely off, and gets naked himself. Ian leans forward and takes Conners' cock into his mouth, getting it nice and wet. After sucking on his knob, Connor brings him up for a kiss. 

Ian doesn't know exactly what to do, so Connor gently brings him over, straddling him as they make out. Connor's cock head is pressing up against Ian's ass, and he Ian starts to slowly press down on it, riding him faster and faster.Connor flips Ian onto his back and starts lifting his buddy up and down on his dick while Ian is jacking off, his eyes darting up and down Connor's muscular chest. As he's being fucked, he cums all over his belly. After helping Ian get off, he pulls out and comes over Ian's belly. Satisfied Conner leans over to make out.


2015-Jun-10 21:00 - Gay Massage House 3 - Rob Yaeger and Brock Avery

Brock Avery is a massage therapist who is taking on the task of helping high profile lawyer Rob Yaeger loosen up. Brock wants to help him shed the walls he's built up and help him become comfortable in his own skin, but that's going to take a lot of delicate work on his part.


2015-Jun-8 21:00 - Brothers - Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Colton Grey is relaxing in bed, reading a book that Connor Maguire lent him. Connor enters to see what his younger brother is up to; but after he realizes Colton is ignoring him, he pulls rank and makes Colton give him his book back. Colton passive aggressively throws the book on the ground towards Connor without saying a word. This angers Connor and he makes Colton get out of bed to pick it up. Begrudgingly, Colton does as he's told, but pugnaciously pushes the book into Connor's chest in a final act of defiance. Connor can't take it anymore and asks Colton what his problem is, to which Colton replies that Connor is his problem.

Connor pushes Colton down on the bed, but soon his hands realize that they don't want to hurt Colton. He finds himself starting to massage Colton's chest instead. As his hands move on Colton's chest, Connor can see that his step-brother is clearly into it. And after a few moments of palpable electricity, they break into a make-out session backed by weeks of lustful tension. After stripping each other of their clothes, Connor leans forward to slowly take Colton's big cock into his mouth. Colton gasps in pleasure, and pushes Connor's head further down onto his swollen member. Connor ramps up the intensity going harder and harder before flipping Colton over and licking his tight ass. Colton pushes his hips back towards Connor in ecstasy, as Connor continues his awesome rimjob.

Getting up off the bed, Colton pulls Connor in for a slow kiss which turns into sensual make-out. After which Connor sits back against the headboard, and Colton sucks his cock which is jumping with anticipation of the pleasure of Colton's warm, wet mouth. After wetting down Connor's rod, Colton climbs on top of his bigger brother and starts to ride his big dick. After working his hole, Connor lifts up his little brother and starts fucking his sweet ass from below.

Connor wants Colton every way he can, and starts fucking him sideways while they are making out. After flipping Colton 6 ways to Sunday, they end in a passionate missionary. Colton is getting everything he could possibly want, Connor's cock hitting all of the right places. Watching Colton fuck him is turning him on, and Colton can't hold it any more! Finishing first, he explodes all over his stomach. The sight of Connor's ropes of jism landing on his stomach brings Connor to the edge, blowing his load all over Colton's slightly hairy stomach.


2015-Jun-3 21:00 - Daddy's Big Boy - Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro has hired his college buddy's son, sexy bad boy Colton Grey, to do some work around the house. When the rain starts pouring down, Billy invites Colton in to warm up. He offers Colton some dry clothes to change into but he's shocked when Colton drops his jeans in front of him and Billy can't keep his eyes of Colton's bulging package. Billy has known Colton since he was a little kid but it's clear to him that Colton is a big boy now. Colton grabs Billy's hand and places it on his crotch and they let their mutual attraction take over as they start to make out passionately.

Billy leads Colton into the bedroom where he quickly tears off Colton's clothes, to reveal his hard, throbbing cock. Taking it fully into his mouth, he sucks on it slowly before flipping him over for an enthusiastic rimjob. Colton loves it, and turns over displaying his huge erection. Billy climbs on top of Colton and grinds himself onto Colton's stiff cock. Billy pulls out his own dick and they both jerk themselves until Billy shoots his load all over his belly and Colton releases his seed not far behind. Moving closer they kiss each other, satisfied and content.


2015-Jun-1 21:00 - Brothers - Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey is relaxing on his bed and thinking about a particularly hot memory. He's thinking about that crazy night he spent with Theo Ford, which started off innocently enough, with the two boys making out. But Theo wasn't satisfied with just a bit of kissing, and soon Colton is pinned down on the bed in just some tight black briefs. Colton kicks off his underwear and puts his cute ass in Theo's face. Theo fingers Colton's tight butthole while Colton sucks Theo's big, uncut dick. Theo wraps his arms around Colton, pulling the boy in tight while fucking him into the mattress. Theo drives into his friend until his shaft completely disappears in Colton's ass. Colton shoots his creamy load all over Theo's chest.


2015-May-27 21:00 - Daddy's Big Boy - Nick Capra and Trent Ferris

Nick Capra is bored on the couch, watching Trent Ferris go over his homework. They start cuddling and kissing, exploring each other with their hands and mouths. Nick's biceps bulge as he pulls Trent in tighter. The daddy lifts the twink off the ground and carries him upstairs into the bedroom. Nick can't get enough of Trent's sweet mouth, while Trent runs his hands all over Nick's fit body. But Nick isn't satisfied with just Trent's mouth on his lips, so he unbuttons the twink's shorts and starts tonguing his balls and sucking his stiff cock. Then Trent bobs his head up and down Nick's thick meat while the daddy moans out in pleasure. Nick flips Trent over and pins him down to start rimming his pink asshole, then Nick slowly enters into his boy and fucks him while jerking his hard dick. Trent flips over so Nick can fuck him doggystyle, pumping him deeper into the mattress with every thrust of his hips. Nick licks Trent's ear and neck while the twink gets pounded. Both guys finish in a screaming orgasm.


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