Sometimes there are videos that do not need to comment. Already if the names of the actors evoke a scene of strong, steaming sex. The scene takes place in a Paris club, where Mike is sitting on the stairs like a dog in heat waiting for a hard guy to play with him... and very soon Will gives it to him... mmmm 

In Paris' Cruising area you can always find some cute boys to have a very good time with. One night, Fabrizio meets Lyam, a hot Bakala guy with a huge 24 cm cock ready to be suck by Fabrizio and, well why not!? He's ready to enjoy playing with Fabrizio's big ass. It's a matter of fact that Fabrizio is crazy for big cocks and is fond of smelling sports gear. 

 Macanao Torres & Picwik

This is a new juice plan offered to us by Macanao Torres and Picwik...

Macanao and Pickwik are doing their favourite sport, weights, as they do every morning. As usual, Macanao helps Picwik to lift his own weights and Picwik helps Macanao to up his cock.  That is why these hot guys can never finish their morning exercises!

JB Bineau is one of those guys who likes to spend Saturday nights in a sex club being treated as a whore... as more of us do!
This time he found a fucking bastard who will spit on his face and will leave his ass very horny and very wet just as he likes.
Who wants to be Bineau?

Tony Cisse was planning day at The Alps with friends. As he had no equipment for skiing, the first day he entered an equipment rental shop. In the store, he found a super sexy salesman (Macanao Torres).  Tony is very indecisive in choosing a good ski, and soon the patience of Macanao is over because Tony is unsure.  "Be quiet my friend,why you don't suck my cock then we look at your skis?"
The sexy salesman said that, after all, a good blowjob in the morning can give strength to the rest of the day!

What are you doing right now - remember that as this is the time when you first say Chad Porter. Who? Get to know as the latest Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search find is destined to be a porn superstar. He's that super hot jock you always fantasised about in High School who got all the girls but as it turns out was hot for the assistant coach. He is gorgeous and a total sex fiend. He's here with Travis Stevens who has been building a huge following himself of late - make sure you check out the interview to get the first of Travis' great news this month!

Macanao Torres is in a Sex shop choosing a movie so he can have a very fun time. Very soon, he gets horny and gets a hard on and starts to wank. Emilio, the sex shop assistant will soon help our favourite actor to have fun and let him break his big ass to have a good time to cum another time.

Two big and muscular males face this time to eat their cocks and fuck their open asses, Jorge Bellantinos from Barcelona and Pedro Paliza pornstar of Brussels.

At night, Macanao Torres wants to have fun and comes into a bar at night. It is only the waiter because it is too early. Macanao offered his cock so the waiter can have a little fun before the first customers come

The atmosphere in backroom is hardcore, young Morgan DAIX is looking for a soft ass comes to get hard through the Glory Hole. Once he sees cock, sexy Morgan can not help it - the smell, feel and harden in his mouth .. He does not know who is behind this big cock but who cares as still it is growing and again !! Provided that there is juice in those big balls!

It's closing time at Dark Alicante but Mateo wants to take a leak before going home. The waiter (Frank) still wants to party so he decide to take advantage when there are no clients left to put him on all fours.

Attack Bar Madrid becomes the scene of one of the most upbeat encounters you've seen between two Spanish males. Turbo Leon trains well our new pup Alberto Martin. Pure strong action.

Steven makes an extra money in summer as a personal trainer. This time his client is David, a posh brat who needs to be put in his place. Enjoy while he pisses on David flexing and treats him like a real dog.


Leonardo is tied up and locked in a dungeon cage. 10 cameras are recording him while a voice tells him what to do if he wants to escape. How far will he go to open the locks?

No straight guy can say no when a girl like Blanca proposes a bit of hard playing. But what if once tied at his bed it's not Blanca who keeps on with the session? The Spanish young macho Aday Traun keeps on with Blanca's job as only he knows.
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