Dominic Pacifico and Samuel Stone

Dominic & Samuel masturbate for each other on their patio


2015-Jul-30 21:00 - The Journey - Part 2 - Gabriel Clark -amp; Mike Stallone

French Canadians were long known for their staunch catholic upbringing. While the Church had a stiff control over Quebec society for many years, today Quebeckers have largely shed this heritage as they are among the most open-minded, tolerant and hedonistic society this side of Sodom. Yet, the Church can still exercise influence in strange ways...

So it wasn't surprising that Gabriel Clark, in his Journey of self-discovery, turned to his local priest to exorcise his bad behavior. As you will recall, in the first installment of Journey, Gabriel succumbed to his carnal desires and fucked his girlfriend's brother when he popped by for a quick visit. Gabriel headed to Father Mike (Mike Stallone aka Mickelo Evans) to confess to his sins and seek guidance. In keeping with modern-day Quebec values, Father Mike found the right words and, more importantly, the right moves to comfort Gabriel in his new found awakening to Man-on-Man sex.

Watch Gabriel as he pursues on his path of self-discovery.


2015-Jul-23 21:00 - Brandon Jones and Pierre Fitch: Sexual Tension - Brandon Jones -amp; Pierre Fitch

To state that there was sexual tension in the air for this shoot is an understatement. Pierre Fitch and Brandon Jones know how to deliver one dick-jerking performance. Pierre and Brandon know each other well. And on this day, these two Montreal-native giants of porn were drawn to each other as we have rarely seen before as they arrived on set. As Brandon settled in, lying back in the comfort of a therapist's lounger, Pierre was preparing quite the therapy for his cock-hungry partner. 

Pierre's King Kong cock was anxious to fill up our power bottom's sex-starved hole. They went at it guns blazing as Pierre pounded Brandon's ass. So intense was it that the four-legged chair Brandon was lying back in, turned into a rocking chair tilting back and forth with every thrust of Pierre fat cock. Brandon, who is known for his asses skilled ability to take a hard-core ass punishing, needed a couple of breaks in this shoot to catch his breath. And, Pierre, known for his rock hard cock, was thrown off his game when his stiff boner bent and folded while Brandon was riding him for dear life. Struck with pain, like the true trooper he is, a 10 minutes break was enough to get him back on track. 

And the lounger survived this truly intense fucking...


2015-Jul-20 21:00 - Brandon Jones: Home Alone - Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones woke up one morning and found a note on the bed left by his boyfriend, Samuel Stone, saying 'Gone for the day, love you!' 

These loving words of his absent hunk inspired Brandon who, remembering some finer moments spent with Samuel, awoke his lustful feelings and gave rise to a decent boner. This was the encouragement needed for Brandon start enjoying himself with thoughts of Samuel pumping in his head. He pulled out some hard core toys, not the least of which was one hefty dildo that he plugged into a window allowing him to moon the outside world. Anal beads also helped our raging power bottom to get so into it that it wasn't long before he shot a large amount of spunk all over himself... 

What a wakeup call this was!


2015-Jul-13 21:00 - Return for Seconds - Emilio Calabria -amp; Samuel Stone

Sitting outside at Marko's friend's condo, taking in a hot summer's day in Montreal, EmilioCalabria & Samuel Stone were reminiscing about their first encounter a few months back andthe discussion was certainly stirring theses stud's libidos.

Marko had made a point of inviting these two back since each guy had, at separate times,mentioned how they had enjoyed playing, not working, with each other.

We let the two go at it and have themselves a good time. And, each guy would get his turn atthe other's hot ass. Samuel's is always hungry for cock, especially when it's the size ofEmilio's. And, Emilio's huge hot bubble butt ass taking a pounding is always a site to feast onand jack off on! Samuel was first to give up his ass. He rode Emilio like the hungry bottom hecan be. Then, they switched positions so Emilio could have deliver his fine butt hole toSamuel's ogre cock. He first fucked Emilio who was lying on his back, then gave it to himdoggy style.

Samuel delivered a fine load on his partner and Emilio dumped his load directly in the waiting mouth of his partner.... So much fun to see these two get re-acquainted.


2015-Jul-9 21:00 - Jimmy Dube -amp; Samuel Stone: Servicing a Jock's First Man-to-Man Romp! - Samuel Stone -amp; Jimmy Dube

After a solo performance that left no one indifferent a few weeks back, Jimmy Dube returned toour set for his first man-to-man sexual contact. Taking things one step at a time, this plumber/rigger was back in Montreal for a servicing, after spending a couple of weeks working in the oilpatch out west. 

Who better to service this sturdy dude than Samuel Stone. Samuel knows too well how tomake a guy comfortable and can service with talent. His masterful cock sucking techniqueswere clearly on display as Jimmy delivered one stiff boner to Samuel's expert mouth. Taking atongue lashing not to be missed, Jimmy thoroughly enjoyed himself. His facial expressions toldthe full story. We know that Samuel can seduce the straightest of jocks, and Jimmy hadalready told us that he was down to fulfill his curiosity in man-to-man sex. So it didn't take longfor this jock to fall under Samuel's spell. 

It didn't hurt that Samuel showed up with a Fleshjack in hand while Jimmy was jacking offcomfortably in Marko's friend's condo. Samuel then offered Jimmy a blow job that our riggergladly accepted. Samuel turned on the heat and went to town. He sucked and played withJimmy's tits as this man's man writhed in ecstasy. Their lips also connected in this heatedservicing.

Samuel worked on Jimmy cock so well that when our jock came, it was an earth-tremblingexplosion in Samuel's hungry waiting face.

Samuel was obviously proud of his effort as Jimmy was definitely sporting a hallo ofcontentment. It would appear that Jimmy is ready for more.... Can't wait for next time he'stown!


2015-Jul-6 21:00 - Rian Fortin : Taking his Own Load - Rian Fortin

We met Rian Fortin last spring and that is when he told us that he was feeling a stir in his loins and wanted to explore Man-on-man sex. When we hear such things our only purpose is to help a hot looking straight guy answer his bi-curious prayers.

Rian is a working man, tiling roofs in the summer time. Can't you tell by the tan lines this dude is sporting?!... He shed a few pounds in the summer sun since we met him a few weeks ago. This 24 year old Pieces has a nice 8' of uncut French Canadian meat and he clearly enjoys pulling it out and wanking a load out at the drop of a coin... or two....

Rian was also quite excited about shooting on this day, even though he was unsure of the protocols involved with shooting porn. We told him to just lay back and enjoy himself. It was cute when he was close to cumming. He asked if it was ok to explode his load... And off it shot.

We know Rian is going to be fun to shoot with in the future. He enjoyed playing with his butthole and even had a finger-licking good time tasting his own love juice.

Hope we can tear him away from those roof tops often enough to show us what he can do.


2015-Jun-29 21:00 - Derek Thibeau -amp; Marko Lebeau: Marko Takes A Pounding - Marko Lebeau -amp; Derek Thibeau

Derek Thibeau is taking one more step in the world of gay porn, this time around taking Marko Lebeau's ass and pounding it with determination. You can tell in this one that Marko hasn't had a dick this big up his ass in a while. It proved to be somewhat of challenge and excitement made way to pain from time to time.Marko started to get Derek 'warmed up' with a good blow job executed from under the bed sheets. When he came up for air, the tatted hunk's 8' dick was in full tilt. After some petting and kissing. Derek imposing frame took on Marko's impressive butt.Derek isn't quite ready yet to take a cock in his mouth, but with every scene he shoots, he goes one step further. During this shoot, this 6'3' stud certainly showed us some pretty talented fucking action and his massive cock was rock hard. It was pretty hot to see it gyrate in and around Marko's expanding butthole.


2015-Jun-25 21:00 - The Journey - Part 1 - Gabriel Clark -amp; Brandon Jones

Gabriel Clark is a happy straight man living with his girlfriend of two years. On this day, just as much as any other day, Gabriel's loins are stirring. He's in the mood for some good sex, but the girlfriend is on her way out the door. Before leaving, she mentions that her brother will be passing by to pick up a computer.

Soon after her departure, Brandon Jones, the brother, arrives... Faced with a delectable bubble butt and good looks, Gabriel surprises himself by feeling his dick spring to attention as Brandon bends over.... Is Gabriel confused? Not enough certainly to overcome his uncontrollable desire for sex. 

This hungry fucker's sex drive is in the roof and he decides to just lets his dick steer him in the right direction. It isn't long before these two are going all out, sucking and fucking like the sex hounds they are. As things are winding down, who walks in on the brother and the boyfriend, but Gabriel's surprised and pissed GF.....

What happens next? Is Gabriel on the path to crossing the fence, or was he just out for a one-time romp? How will he cope with the fuming girlfriend? Is she going to dump him?

Get the answers to all your questions in the next episode of The Journey next month here on Men of Montral.


2015-Jun-22 21:00 - Ben Frey: From Fan to Performer - Ben Trey

Ben Frey is a Scandinavian guy who travels to Montreal regularly and contacted us a couple of months ago, expressing interest in doing porn with us. As a dedicated fan, the idea of shooting with MoM came to him naturally. Ben is 29 y.o., measures 5'8' and weighs in at 165 lbs. He's equipped with a 7.5' cock. And, unlike most Europeans, he's cut.He was quite nervous about taking the plunge, but it didn't hamper his ability to bone up. To the contrary, he was hard from the moment we started to shoot right up until his explosive cum shoot. Ben hadden't shot in a couple of days, and boy did it show. Ben is gay and, as a personal trainer, works out regularly. He was somewhat shy about revealing too much about himself, but maybe by his next time he comes in to shoot we'll pin down his native country. This bottom dude is looking forward to be teamed up with some of our hot top studs... He won't be disappointed.


2015-Jun-15 21:00 - Sonny Stewart -amp; Kyle Champagne : Good Time - Kyle Champagne -amp; Sonny Stewart

I invited Sonny and Kyle to join me in Montreal for this scene. As you can see Kyle had no problem taking Sonny's hard pounding and I would even say he loved it. I wanted to leave the guys alone this week because you can't beat that real chemistry you get when two horny guys are left to explore each other naturally. There's an obvious connection between these models, and I love to let them do what they do. 

Sonny and Kyle sure had a good time together. Even though it's a lot of fun to watch from behind the camera I got even more turned on when I watched the footage afterwards!

Do not miss your chance to see the two of them in action!

Marko L.


2015-Jun-11 21:00 - Emilio Calabria -amp; Samuel Stone: Less Talk Is the Best - round 2 - Emilio Calabria -amp; Samuel Stone

So this time the tables are turned. Last month Emilio Calabria hooked up with Brandon Jones and few words were exchanged but the action was intense. This month, our Italian stallion got together with Brandon's BF Samuel Stone. Samuel couldn't talk during this shoot because most of the time his mouth was filled with Emilio's long and thick dick, if not in his ass. 

Emilio has been taking a liking to topping guys of late and we are quite happy about that as his hefty tool pleases the most cock-hungry bottoms around. Both Emilio and Samuel seemed quite happy about their pairing. They were so much into each other that we had trouble to break them up during pauses in filming. In fact, during down time they would keep their engines revved up by providing each other with some oral stimulus. 

Samuel, as we've come to know, loves a huge cock in his butt. And, he came volumes while Emilio was pounding him. Emilio for his part was more than happy to drop his load in Samuel's face and mouth as our hot bottom boy lapped up every drop of the Italian studs love potion. 

One thing of note in this scene is the finale. This will be the only time that our subscribers will see pussy in a shoot... the four legged type of course. It was hilarious to see the cat gazing out the window as the guys were making out and reaching orgasm. Nothing seemed to faze him one bit... Have fun!


2015-Jun-8 21:00 - Mirror Mirror - Marko Lebeau

I've been training hard lately and what better way to check out the results of all the work in the gym that in front of a mirror?! I called my friend Brandon Jones to film my solo shoot and for a first time videographer I was pleasantly surprised. I think I might have discovered a hidden talent in Brandon, he's as much of a natural behind the camera as he is in front of it!

Enjoy the show ;)

Marko L.


2015-Jun-1 21:00 - Marko Lebeau -amp; Dustin Holloway: Did You Say Straight?! - Marko Lebeau -amp; Dustin Holloway

In this scene, Dustin Holloway and Marko Lebeau get it on. And boy do they get it on!! You wonder when a guy says he's straight and then get fucked like there is no tomorrow... When you see Dustin in this scene it will leave you wondering about where this guy tilts. He loved getting sucked... bone hard all the time. He loved to get fucked... The smile on his face every time Marko plunged his dick up his ass was a telling sign. He enjoyed getting rimmed.... And he came while being fucked by Marko.

But Dustin has no hang ups. He's clearly attracted to ladies, but as he said 'I love getting fucked' and 'I can really get into it even with another dude'. Buy was he ever into it!This was intense and worth every minute of watching!

On that note, Dustin will be back!


2015-May-28 21:00 - Making Fantasies Come True - Cedrick Dupuy -amp; Pierre Fitch

This was Cedrick Dupuy's second time only shooting porn with another guy. When we talked to him about this scene and whom he wanted to shoot with this, he spontaneously blurted out the name of Pierre Fitch, not knowing that Pierre had recently contacted us to explore the possibility of working with MoM.

Why was Cedrick so keen on shooting with Pierre? Well, the seasoned porn star just so happens to be one of Cedrick's favorite performers, and has more than once fuelled our newcomers' fantasies and jack off sessions. So when we told him that we were talking to Pierre about shooting with us, our newbie's face just starting glowing.

Then when we met Pierre and discussed the possibility for him of shooting with us, he told us who he would like to shoot with. 'Oh what about that new guy... Cedrick I think is his name!' Well, the stars were aligned for us on this one!... Three weeks later, eager Cedrick arrived early for his shoot, quite nervous he was to meet the man of his fantasies.

Pierre arrived 20 minutes later and the two got acquainted. They hit it off immediately. This was a great shoot as you could tell that Cedrick enjoying getting pummeled by the veteran actor. We barely interrupted these guys as they went about enjoying hot sex. For the finale, Cedrick was more than please to take it in the face and suck Pierre's tool dry. Sweaty and exhausted they hit the shower and promised to see each other again...


2015-May-25 21:00 - Dustin Holloway On Display - Dustin Holloway

Dustin Holloway contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we would be interested in shooting with him. He pointed out that he had been living in the US Midwest had has shot a few scenes with a major gay porn studio State-side, but had recently moved to Toronto, facilitated by his dual citizenship. We figured this hot dude was a prime candidate to bring in to shoot, so we met up with him in Toronto last month and lined him up for a couple of scenes in early May.Dustin defines himself as a straight guy who loves to get fucked. We have encountered a few of these types in the past, and know that such guys do exist. However, rarely have we met a straight guy who is so up front about it. To boot, Dustin is quite charming and outgoing. He enjoys a good laugh and is very down to earth. 

Like most English Canadians his dick is cut. And Dustin's tool measures a good 7.5 inches. He was surprised when we told him that most French Canadian men are uncircumcised. We got him to do a solo soon after he arrived by train. This was a good way to get acquainted and make everyone feel comfortable. Dustin would go on the next day to hook up with Marko in his first duo with us.

Surprisingly, this was Dustin's first visit to Montreal and it was the season's first hot and sunny weekend. With the temperature hitting 25 degrees Celsius (77 F), Dusting was lucky enough to have a fair amount of free time to play the tourist. He seemed particularly interested in green spaces, so we took him out to Old Montreal, follow by a stint on the island site of Expo 67. There he was across the river from the Downtown with a great view of the City. The next day, we took him out for some famous Montreal bagels and a visit to the foot of Mont Royal Park, where thousands had gathered for the typical summertime Sunday afternoon assembly of Tam Tam players, fans and sun bathers.

We took him out on Saturday night and visited our friends at Campus Bar. Dustin was curious to see how a Montreal Male stripper bar operated. He met a couple of our performers while there. That whole scene captivated him, but we had to leave early enough since he was shooting early next day

Dustin will be back this summer to meet some other Men of Montreal. We plan on hooking up this six-pack ripped jock with some of our very eager top guys the next time around.


2015-May-18 21:00 - Marko Lebeau and Samuel Stone: Quick Massage - Marko Lebeau -amp; Samuel Stone

Finally good weather in Montreal, so I was taking a short walk to enjoy the sun. After only 10 minutes I came face to face with the beautiful Samuel Stone. Easy to guess the result. So I decided to take my camera and invite my good friend for a little massage back at my place.

Okay, its true that massage was only a pretext to get at his dick.I was so excited that it didn't take much time before its dick found its way into me. What a wonderful, but sometimes tense, feeling to feel him take me from behind.

Of course, I'm not the only one who had a good time. I could see that he was enjoying my cock quite a bit... in his mouth and in his ass.

I think we both had a good time.


2015-May-14 21:00 - Brandon Jones -amp; Emilio Calabria : Less talk is the best - Brandon Jones -amp; Emilio Calabria

You know, when it comes to sex sometimes it's best to just let things come together on their own.

So I invited my two friends Emilio and Brandon over to watch a film. Unfortunately, or I should say fortunately, the film I chose was not really good and the guys were a bit bored. So I had the idea to put on a Men of Montreal scene to spice things up a bit. The video hardly began when our two friends started to get excited and decided to indulge in some action of their own. I can confirm that the guys were giving it their 100%. I can't hide that even behind my camera I was getting turned on and played with myself a bit while I filmed.

Emilio and Brandon are very special performers and you can feel the genuine chemistry between these two. Don't miss your chance to see them in action!

I hope you like watching as much as I liked filming these hot guys!

Marko L.


2015-May-11 21:00 - Horny Jimmy Dube's First Time on Cam - Jimmy Dube

Jimmy Dube (pronounced dew-bay) works 3 out of 4 weeks a month in Northern Alberta's Oil Patch. He's a plumber on oil rigs. You can't get more studly than that! This jock makes his way back to Montreal for a week at a time and decided he was keen to try out porn. It certainly isn't for the money that he came to see us as riggers make a pretty hefty dollar when working in the oil industry. In fact, watching him jack off, you can tell this guy loves to give a show. 

Jimmy has energy and a fun attitude. He says he's bi, but its clear he tilts more to the straight side, but he did admit to being quite curious about man-on-man sex. You'd think it was the isolation of working day in & day out on those oil rigs in close proximity to other studs that would awaken his curiosity, but that is not the case. He wants to try that out with us. Who are we to argue!!

Jimmy starts out lying in bed with a raging hard on. Soon, he gets going and starts to wank that solid 8 inches of uncut man meat. Jimmy is quite the expressive kinda guy. He likes his joy stick and does a solid number on it! He also seems to enjoy playing with his butt hole by all appearances. When it was time for Jimmy to deliver his creamy load, he shot a pretty hefty load that flew beyond his arm onto the bed and on his chest.

Marko Lebeau talked to him while he was basking in his post- jack off shower. Jimmy seems pretty eager to come back for more. Now we'll just need to find him a fella to help him explore his inner curiosity.


2015-May-4 21:00 - Sonny Stewart -amp; Cedrick Dupuy: Roomies Bare It All - Cedrick Dupuy -amp; Sonny Stewart

This was Cedrick Dupuy's first time shooting porn with a partner. So, for the occasion, he wanted to hook up with his roomie, Sonny Stewart, as they are occasional fuck buddies and his presence would be a reassuring one for his first time. 

When they both arrived for the shoot, the guys wanted to take advantage of one of the first mild and sunny days of spring. Indeed, after a very cold winter, Montreal is awakening as the snow is almost all gone, the birds have returned, the maple trees are flowing with sap and the sun is warming the northern air. People were out and about after months of interior living.

Before shooting the scene, we went out and took some pics in a nearby city park and tattered car port. The guys were randy and getting excited fondling each other and showing some skin out in public.

Upon our return to the loft though, Cedrick and Sonny were eager to get into each other's shorts. For this shoot the guys wanted to fuck as they do at home, and as they do only with each other, that is doing it bare. So, they went at it and Sonny took the driver's seat, topping his roomie with his 7.5 inch cut cock. You could tell that these guys were in familiar territory as the chemistry between the them was tangible throughout the shoot. 

Cedrick was the first to shoot as his buddy Sonny was fucking him. Quite the load came gushing out of his sizeable cock. Sonny shot quickly after him, mixing his equally huge load of jizz with Cedrick's as they kissed intently.


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